Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thank You for Your Participation!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the participation. I have really been encouraged by what you have said and how we get to sharpen each other that just doesn't work when we sneak in and sneak out with little to say. Keep up the good work here and on other blogs. It sure does make a difference to me and to others. I love when people come by and post things that have never crossed my mind. That really does help me. But don't feel like you have to have something profound to say in order to say something. God bless,



Keith Davis said...

I always appreciate your comments on my blogs Matt. I'm sorry I don't get by here more often. The blogging community has gotten so huge. God bless you brother. Sometimes email me and let me know how Andrew is doing.

lisa leichner said...

Matt, you do a great job on your blog -- always challenging and thoughtful. You get me thinking and changing and growing!

Matt said...

Hey Keith,

Sorry for not responding sooner. I will have to get your email address and give you an Andrew update. God bless

Matt said...

Thanks Lisa,

I always appreciate your comments.

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