Wednesday, May 02, 2007

$2 million and no warranty?

And now a break from our regularly scheduled program. The famed General Lee is up for sale on Ebay. Better hurry up while it is a steal at just over two million dollars. Or buy this one for only $1000 complete with exhaust snorkle and wench.


lisa leichner said...

Too funny. My brother-in-law actually has an orange truck that he painted "01" on the side. It's pretty tacky. The first time his mom saw it she said: "You can't convince me my son's a redneck, no way!!"

Matt said...

That is great! One time I helped some guys at Harding paint an outhouse like the General Lee for the Mountain Home Arkansas Bean Festival outhouse races. I am not sure which is more redneck, an outhouse painted like the General Lee running through a field in a race or an orange truck with the number on the side as your personal vehicle but either way that is some quality fun!

lisa leichner said...

Ha. We had heard of the Bean Festival but never made it there. Sounds fun ... in a redneckish sort of way. :)

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