Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sidebar - New Links

A few new additions to the sidebar:
Jim Martin - have a look at this very insightful blog from a man with some really good roots!
Theological Bibliographies (from Spring Hill College)
Religion Online - this site has some really good full-text resources

One more of a site I frequent - Greg Kendall-ball
Greg went to Harding and is now at ACU. The memory I always have of Greg is going through Supplemental Instruction (SI) training at Harding. This was basically a creative tutoring program to help students in a variety of areas. Greg and I had to work on things as a team and communicate. One of the problems involved me describing a shape and he had to draw it. When we got done it was really tiny. I just couldn't figure out why until we realized that he was thinking in metric and I was thinking in standard. He is a pretty interesting guy with views that will really challenge you to take your faith more seriously. Enjoy.


preacherman said...

Thanks for the new links.
Great blogs.

GKB said...

Oh, man...SI. I hadn't thought about that in years. In my defense, thought, I was pretty much fresh off the boat when I signed up to tutor Art 101...

I still think Metric rocks :)

Danny said...

Glad I found your blog, Matt. Thanks for the links as well.

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