Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Posts to Check Out

Here are a few interesting posts to check out. I appreciate all that you do and the time you spend writing what you do. That is, afterall why we are all TIME magazines "Person of the Year."

Church Stories...She Eventually Arose From the Grave! - Terry Rush
Caught in the Act - Mike Cope on Plagiarism
A Few Minutes on Hyperbole - Philip Cunningham
President Ford and Rev. Ford - Ben Witherington
Series on Prayer - Royce Ogle
Series on the Holy Spirit - Bobby Valentine
Before You Enter Ministry Series - Wade Tannehill


Bob Bliss said...

You should try Jim McGuiggan on the Holy Spirit.


Bob Bliss said...

The link didn't come out to well on my previous comment. Try Jim's link at my blog and then go to his Reflections section and then try the Holy Spirit link.

Matt said...

Thanks Bob,

I will have a look.

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